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Strawberries –n– Cream

Peaches –n– Cream

Blueberries –n– Cream

Bananas –n– Cream


e-juice flavors for sampling

Our extensive inventory also includes over 250 available sample flavors. Don't forget to try our house e-juices!

Carnevil – Candy for your Cotton

Chucky – Blueberry Coffee Cake

Elm Street – Banana with a hint of Spice

Jason – Fresh Picked Strawberries

Leatherface – Syrup Drenched Waffles

Jaws – Watermelon Candy

Morning Murder – A light citrus blend of your favorite fruity cereal

O.J. – A creamy blend of oranges and vanilla

Scarecrow – Rice Crispies with a smooth vanilla undertone

Mount Holly, NJ


Top Line Vapor, LLC has hundreds of e-liquids in an array of flavors; including, fruits and even cotton candy! Check out our top name brand juices:




The Purge by Evil

Boondock Vapes

Twelve Vapors

Tasty Cloud

Extensive inventory of e-juices and liquids

Brass Knuckles – Blue Razz Candy

Chainsaw – Melon

Hatchet – Kiwi

Machete – Mango

Crowbar – Tea and Lemonade

Shotgun – Strawberry I-Scream

Pris – Rich and creamy strawberry dessert flavor with a hint of gingerbread.

Strawberry Blonde – Tart lemony vape with a strawberry kiss.

Voodoo – Delightful light cotton candy flavor with a hint of fruit.

Tucson – A light airy refreshing tea with a lemon bite finish.

Aries – Gooey sugar cookie overtones give way to subtle hints of cinnamon sugar, delicately blended with a hint of fresh lemon.


Taurus – Full-bodied buttery blend of baked crust, almonds, delicate caramel, Tahitian vanilla, fresh cream, and a touch of peanut butter, beautifully rounded out with two types of exotic custards.


Gemini – A strong and juicy watermelon on the inhale gives way to

a sugary and luscious bubble gum, finishing in a perfect balance of harmoniously layered perfection.


Cancer – A succulent mix of fresh berries. Pronounced strawberry interlaces with a bright, and revitalizing raspberry, quickly transforming into a rush of fresh lemon.


Leo – A perfect parfait, fresh raspberries give way to a smooth vanilla yogurt encased in a cinnamon crumble finish. Hints of granola appear throughout the inhale resolving in an inventive flavor profile.


Virgo – A Lively blend of strawberries and raspberries give way to a tart lemony finish.


Libra – A touch of caramel united with hints of pie crust, tangerine, and freshly baked vanilla cake yield an expertly blended and delicately mastered dessert flavor.


Scorpio – Sugary, and intense; a zesty lemony inhale, softened by a creamy perpetually changing and complex exhale, leads to a flavor reminiscent of freshly baked Lemon pie.


Sagittarius – Sweet strawberries merge into a crisp green apple. Hints of apricot, watermelon and eastern spices finish off this flavor.


Capricorn – Indulgent freshly baked strawberry short cake shrouded in fresh whipped cream with bright top notes of custard finished with sweet cream and drizzled with a touch of fresh strawberry.


Aquarius – Mojito re-mastered; hints of the classic cocktail garnished with notes of ripe raspberries, sweet oranges, and a hint of lemon zest.


Pisces – Perfectly balanced yet explosive tangerine twisted with subtle and exotic creams. A touch of sweetness rounds this flavor out in a way that separates it from the crowd; one must truly experience it to appreciate its intricate blend.

The Goods (30mL / 15mL) – A true to life fresh strawberry and banana smoothie. Creamy, refreshing and delicious.


Dragonaire (30mL / 15mL) - An incredibly lively and powerful flavor. It starts with a combination of juicy cantaloupe and dragon fruit notes on the initial inhale. A Menthol flavor leaves a chilly feeling on the exhale along with a sweet taste of watermelon. The Menthol and fruit flavors are paired to give a great sensation.


MVP (30mL / 15mL) - A sweet and creamy blueberry vanilla crumb cake with a dash of cinnamon.


Stay Gold (15mL) – A remarkably complex and robust flavor. It starts out with a sweet candy apple on the inhale, followed by hints of vanilla. A masculine tobacco body taste follows throughout, leaving

a pleasantly smoky note on the palate even after the exhale. All of this is seamlessly accompanied by luscious caramel undertones throughout. It is a must try even for vapors who are not accustomed to tobacco flavors.


Skyline (15mL) – An exceptional alliance of sweet and smooth notes. It starts with a top note of pineapple on the first inhale to generously pair with an upside down cake and then finishes off with hints of coconut and hazelnut. This juice will leave you with a melting quality on the exhale every time.

Liturgy - A rich medley both sweet and savory- a decadent cheesecake tart with graham crust delicately sweetened with honey, lightened with clotted cream topping infused with whole vanilla bean and subtle blueberry swirls. A relaxing scent of warm baked goods and spice permeates the room note – creating an atmosphere of warm comfort.


Dolomite – A distinctive confection of fresh creamy custard –infused with fragrant strawberry, hints of choice bourbon vanilla and just a touch of savory caramel. The room-note is as pleasing as the taste - an exquisite scent that is sure to charm, and motivate curiosity.

After Dark – A smooth, rich vanilla cream with hints of Butterscotch.

Funky Monkey – Creamy banana with fruit accents.

Mythical Milk –Creamy strawberry custard.

Paradise Island – A sweet strawberry with a tropical twist.

Phantom Fruit – A light blend of your favorite berries.

Purple Fantasy – Taste just like purple. (a serious blast of grape)

Rising Sun – A bright, clean, tropical fruit medley.

Sinfully Delicious – Warm, flaky pastry with cinnamon sauce.

Sky’s The Limit – A fun twist on candied melon.

Vapor Lock – Our flagship flavor. (a blend of fruits and berries)

Beez Knees – A big sweet milky bowl of your favorite

honey o’s cereal


Cottontail Cream – The perfect balance of sweet strawberries and cream. Like a tall glass of strawberry milk.


Kaptain P.B. Crunch – Remember Saturday morning cartoons? This flavor recreates one of our favorite cereals.


Space Rockz – Space Rockz is a sweet and fruity strawberry kiwi pop rocks candy!


Unicorn Puke – A scoop of rainbow sherbet ice cream!


“?” – Mystery is Lost Art Liquid’s take on a mixed fruit taffy candy! It’s a smooth blend of sweet that makes for the perfect #AllDayVape!

Illuminati – Blood Orange Pineapple Strawberry

Subliminal – Sweet and Sour Razzmatazz Candy

Treason – Sweet Lemon Pudding Topped with Whipped Cream

Widow Maker – Bavarian Cream Infused Blueberries

Wildfire – Toasted Almond and Mezzaluna Cookie

Apple Berry Cream Puff – The name is the description; the description is the name.


Bandit Tobacco – A rich and velvety sweet tobacco flavor with huge vapor production. Complementing tones of caramel and toasted almond create a beyond worthy rival amongst other e-Liquids of

its kind.


Barista Breve – No grinders, measuring spoons or coffee makers required! Speed up your morning routine with this caffeinated e-liquid that gets its flavor from organic coffee and vanilla beans.


Cinnamon Crush – Organic cinnamon sticks, hints of vanilla, and ginger bread come together to deliver a full bodied throat hit and massive cinnamon taste that we believe is second to none.


Clove Tobacco – Clove flavor produced by organic cloves and a medium bodied throat hit will be the first things you notice when

you puff away on this e-liquid followed by hints of caramel and graham cracker.


Green Apple – A clean and light vaping experience that is just like biting into a fresh juicy apple. A unique bubble-gum undertone perfectly complements this big green apple taste.


Re-Fresh – The freshest menthol medley yet. Enjoy a cooling concoction of lemon, lime, and cucumber while being blown away by an intense mint flavor from organic mint leaves.


Vanilla Cloud – This distinct vanilla custard flavor starts by extracting organic vanilla beans, which produces the cloudy appearance. It is rounded out with cookie crust and more. Vanilla custard done right.


White Mango – Sweet and crisp white mango with a fresh coconut and pineapple flavor mixed to perfection. A fantastic way to satisfy that fruit craving!

Andromeda is the OG – Space Jam - Andromeda is the OG.

The original flavor made by our mix master.  Pomegranate

and Blueberries.


Astro – is the fruit vape you've been looking for. Applies and strawberries join forces in this tantalizing flavor.


Eclipse – is our newest tobacco creation.


Galactica – Uniquely sweet, perfectly ripe and genuinely delicious. Fresh strawberries wash over your taste buds with crisp champagne notes on the exhale.


Omega – is a sophisticated blend of spiced peaches and sweet cream that will take you out of this world.


Pluto – is one of our newer creations. Wait till you try this refreshing melon bubblegum!


Starship 1 – is a decadent vanilla custard topped with ripe

tropical kiwi.


Venus – is Roasted marshmallows, smothered with peanut butter and caramel, then topped with a touch of sweet cream. A delicious dessert flavor.

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